Ohana // Chris Miyashiro

We’re always so stoked to see the next generation coming into their own, and even more stoked to see what that generation is doing right here in Hawaii. In our oppinion Chris Miyashiro is well among these rad individuals. We know this not based only on his taste in music, but it’s also apparent in his eagerness for fun. Here to to say a few words on this is the man himself…

Full name? Christoper Miyashiro

Age? 17

Location? Oahu, Hawaii
When do you feel the most in-tune with skating? When I’m riding with my friends, listening to music, or after being in the ocean.

What other vibes are you on? I get my inspiration from people who break away and like to be different. I dig the old dogtown style, how they just shredded for the love of it, no rules. Thats how i believe it should always be…as long as its fun and positive

Tunes? 60s and 70s rock and roll!

What should we check out? Nature

To check out more of what this fine gentleman is up to on the daily, find him on Instagram: @chrismiyashiro

// Photos by Landon Hayashi and CJ Evans

Plate Lunch X Stance

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Stance to collaborate on a limited run of Plate Lunch X Stance socks. Stance’s product quality and visionary crew are just some of the things that have made this collaboration so rad. We’re super psyched to see our hand drawn prints come to life on a another medium.

Checkum’ out below!

*Featuring Evan Mock and Plate Lunch Ohana member Chris Miyashiro

“Automatic” Art Show at Clips

This past December our friends over at Clips hosted the Plate Lunch and Contrast Magazine “Automatic!” art show in their Honolulu store. The group show featured new and original art by some of our all time favorites; Mark Gonzales, Neil Blender, Yusuke Hanai, Andy Davis, Russ Pope, and by Plate Lunch’s own Gregg Kaplan.

Some of the remaining pieces are still on display so stop in and checkum’ out! Mahalo to the crew at Clips and to everyone who made it out, good times were definitely had!

Clips //// 822 Kaheka St. Honolulu, HI 96814

*Last image by Contrast


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